curry goat

Curry goat is a curry dish that comes from the Indian influence in our cuisine.  Put simply….IT.IS.A.BIG.DEAL…in Jamaica.  It is the ‘party’ dish in Jamaican and it is mainly served at weddings, dances and big celebrations.  Nowadays, it is eaten more frequently by people who can afford it as it is a very lean and healthy piece of meat.  It is a thick and hearty dish.  We typically serve it with white rice and fried plantain, but because of its hearty stew-like texture (with some potato and carrot), my wife will usually just have a side of plantain with it.  We buy our goat at the farmer’s market from a local farmer.  Our farmer sells stew meat and goat chops.  The stew meat sometimes has small bones (which is great) and the chops usually will have to be cut smaller for this recipe.  If you haven’t tried goat, this is the best place to start, you will not be disappointed!

For this recipe, we used our dutch ovenmortar and pestlechef’s knife,cutting board, and silicone spatula and brush set.

curry goat 2

curry goat
Serves: 4-6
  • 2lb stew goat meat or goat loins - cut in to cubes – with small bones or boneless is fine
  • 2 tbsp. curry powder
  • 2 onions (chopped)
  • 2 scallions (chopped)
  • ½ tsp. salt
  • ½ tsp. pepper
  • 1 scotch bonnet pepper (minced)
  • 1 tbsp. ginger (grated fresh)
  • 5 cloves of garlic (grated)
  • 1 tsp. thyme
  • 1 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 2 carrots (chopped)
  • 1 sweet potato (cubed) *optional
  1. In a large bowl, season the meat by combining the curry powder, onions, scallion, salt, pepper, scotch bonnet, ginger, and thyme onto the meat.
  2. Massage the mixture into the meat, cover and allow it to marinate in the fridge overnight.
  3. Scrape the marinade off of the meat and save it in the bowl for later.
  4. In a Dutch oven, heat the oil and brown the meat on high heat for about 10 minutes—stirring occasionally.
  5. Add the potatoes, carrots, left over marinade and about 4-6 cups of water or enough to cover the meat and bring to a boil.
  6. Lower to a simmer and allow to cook for about 1 hour or until the meat is tender.
  7. Traditionally served with rice and peas.


curry goat1

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  1. Lori Carroll says:

    This would be good over cauliflower rice!

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